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WhatsApp Link Generator: Free Create & WhatsApp Chat Links

Generate WhatsApp Chat, Business, WhatsApp API Number Chat Links Seamlessly

What is a WhatsApp Chat Link (

A WhatsApp Chat Link ( is a URL that directs users directly to a WhatsApp conversation with a specific number or business. This link is created using the WhatsApp Business API or through third-party tools.


It simplifies communication by allowing users to start a conversation instantly by clicking the link, bypassing the need to manually save the contact or open the WhatsApp app separately.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chat Link?

  1. Manually: You can generate a WhatsApp chat link manually by using the format<number>?text=<message>. Replace <number> with the full phone number, including the country code but without any symbols or spaces. Optionally, append ?text=<message> to prepopulate a custom message into the chat window.

  2. Third-Party Tools: Alternatively, third-party tools and websites offer automated solutions to generate WhatsApp chat links. These tools typically provide simple interfaces, where users enter the phone number and message, and the link is generated instantly.

How to Generate a WhatsApp Business Link?

  1. WhatsApp Business API: The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to generate links and integrate them into their websites or digital marketing campaigns. This can be done by following the format<number>.

  2. Business Management Tools: Many business management platforms, including CRM systems, provide features to generate and manage WhatsApp Business links directly from their dashboards.

    Additionally, you can also generate a WhatsApp chat link QR code.


How to Generate a WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

  1. Inside WhatsApp: Open the group in WhatsApp and go to its info page. Click on "Invite via link," and WhatsApp will generate a unique URL. Share this link with potential members to allow them to join the group instantly.

  2. Third-Party Tools: Some third-party tools may offer solutions to generate, manage, or shorten WhatsApp group invite links.

Why Create WhatsApp Chat Links?

  1. Convenience: WhatsApp chat links streamline communication by allowing users to connect with businesses or individuals instantly, without manually saving contacts or typing messages.

  2. Digital Marketing: Embedding WhatsApp links into websites, social media bios, and email signatures can drive engagement and increase conversions by simplifying customer interactions.

  3. Business Growth: For businesses, these links provide a direct communication channel to support customers, handle queries, and close sales faster.

How to Add a WhatsApp Link ( to the Instagram Bio?

  1. Generate the Link: Create a WhatsApp link using the format<number> or via a third-party tool like

  2. Edit Bio: Go to your Instagram profile, click "Edit Profile," and paste the generated link into the "Website" field.

  3. Save Changes: Click "Save," and the link will be displayed in your bio, directing users to WhatsApp when clicked.

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