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Comprehensive GST Calculator for Australia & New Zealand | Easy GST Calculation Tool

Your Reliable GST Calculation Companion for Australia and New Zealand

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a broad-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services. Both Australia and New Zealand have implemented GST to streamline their tax systems and generate revenue.


Understanding and calculating GST is crucial for businesses and individuals alike to ensure compliance and accurate financial management.

Understanding GST in Australia - 

In Australia, GST is set at 10%. It applies to most goods and services, with some exemptions like basic food, education, and healthcare. GST was introduced in Australia on 1st July 2000, replacing various state and federal taxes. Businesses with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more must register for GST and include it in their pricing.

Key Points About Australian GST:

Standard GST rate: 10%
The threshold for registration is an AU$ 75,000 annual turnover.

Exemptions: Basic food, education, healthcare, and certain other items.
Businesses must lodge BAS (Business Activity Statements) to report and pay GST.

Understanding GST in New Zealand - 

New Zealand has a GST rate of 15%. Introduced on 1st October 1986, GST in New Zealand applies to almost all goods and services, with fewer exemptions compared to Australia. Businesses with an annual turnover exceeding NZD $60,000 must register for GST.

Key Points About New Zealand GST:

Standard GST rate: 15%
The threshold for registration is a NZD 60,000 annual turnover.

Fewer exemptions compared to Australia.

Businesses must file GST returns regularly to report and pay GST.

How to Calculate GST?

Calculating GST is straightforward but varies slightly depending on whether you need to include or exclude GST from the total amount.

Including GST:

To calculate the total amount including GST:
Total Amount = Original Amount /(1+GST Rate)


Excluding GST:

To calculate the original amount excluding GST from the total amount:
Original Amount = Total Amount /(1+GST Rate)


For example, in Australia:

Including GST: $100 \times 1.10 = $110
Excluding GST: $110 \div 1.10 = $100

In New Zealand:

Including GST: $100 \times 1.15 = $115
Excluding GST: $115 \div 1.15 = $100

Benefits of Using our GST Calculator - 

Our GST calculator simplifies the process of determining GST amounts, ensuring accuracy and saving time. It is especially useful for businesses that need to calculate GST for numerous transactions.

Advantages of Using Our GST Calculator - 

Ease of Use: Enter the amount, select your country, and choose whether to include or exclude GST.

Accurate Results: Get precise GST calculations instantly.

Customization: Adjust the GST rate if there are changes in regulations or specific requirements.

Time-Saving: Quickly calculate GST without manual computations.

Tips for GST Compliance - 

To stay compliant with GST regulations, consider the following tips:

Register for GST: Ensure your business is registered for GST if your annual turnover exceeds the threshold.
Keep Accurate Records: Maintain detailed records of all transactions, including invoices and receipts.
File Returns on Time: Submit your BAS or GST returns within the stipulated deadlines to avoid penalties.
Stay Updated: Keep abreast of any changes in GST rates or regulations that may affect your business.
Use Technology: Leverage tools like GST calculators and accounting software to manage GST efficiently.

Common GST-Related Queries-

Q: What items are exempt from GST in Australia?
A: Basic food items, education, healthcare, and some other specific goods and services are exempt from GST in Australia.


Q: How often do I need to file GST returns in New Zealand?
A: The frequency of filing GST returns in New Zealand can be monthly, bi-monthly, or six-monthly, depending on your business's annual turnover and filing preferences.


Q: Can I claim GST credits on business expenses?
A: Yes, businesses can claim GST credits on expenses incurred for business purposes, provided they hold valid tax invoices.

Understanding and calculating GST is essential for businesses and individuals in Australia and New Zealand. Our comprehensive GST calculator offers an easy and accurate way to manage your GST calculations, ensuring compliance and efficiency. By using our tool, you can streamline your financial processes and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

For more information and to start using our GST calculator, visit our website and experience the ease of accurate GST calculations today!

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