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Board Foot Calculator – Precision Woodworking & Lumber Estimation

Craft With Confidence: Master Lumber Measurements with Our Board Foot Calculator

A board foot is a unit of measure for the volume of lumber, representing a piece of wood that is 12 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. It's a crucial metric in woodworking, carpentry, and lumber sales, providing a standard for quantifying wood beyond mere length or surface area.

How to Calculate Board Feet?

Calculating board feet can be done by multiplying the width in inches, the length in inches, and the thickness in inches of a wood piece and then dividing by 144. The formula is:

Board Feet (BF) = {Width (in) × Length (in) × Thickness (in)}/144

How To Use The Board Foot Calculator?

Using the board foot calculator streamlines the process of determining the volume of lumber required for a project. Simply input the dimensions of the wood in inches and the number of pieces needed. The calculator will automatically output the total board feet, often with the option to include the price per board foot for cost estimation.

Things to Note:

Precision: Ensure all measurements are accurate to avoid discrepancies in the material required.
Wastage: Factor in a percentage for potential wastage to ensure you have enough material.
Wood Type: Different types of wood may yield different results in weight and workability.

Using the Lumber Calculator: An Example.

Imagine you need to calculate the board feet for a piece of wood that is 10 inches wide, 48 inches long, and 2 inches thick. Input these figures into the calculator, and you will get:

Board Feet =10 × 48 × 2/144 = 6.67 BF

How do you calculate the board feet in a log?

The calculation for board feet in a log varies slightly because logs are round. It typically involves measuring the diameter, the length, and using a scaling method like the Doyle or International 1/4-inch rule.

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What is the difference between a board foot and a linear foot?

A linear foot measures length alone, regardless of width or thickness. A board foot measures volume, considering length, width, and thickness.

How many board feet are there in 320 square feet?

If you're dealing with a standard thickness of 1 inch, the calculation would be:

Board Feet = 320 SF × 1inch thickness = 320 BF

For thicknesses other than 1 inch, multiply the square footage by the thickness in inches.

How much does a board foot of oak weigh?

The weight of a board foot of oak depends on the species and moisture content but typically averages around 3.6 pounds per board foot for kiln-dried oak.


What is board foot insulation?

Board foot insulation refers to spray foam insulation sold in board-foot packages, measuring its coverage area with a thickness of 1 inch.

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