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SRM CGPA Calculator – Your Swift Academic Performance Tracker

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Simplify Your SRM CGPA Calculations – Instant, Accurate, and SRM-Specific

The SRM CGPA Calculator is a digital tool designed specifically for SRM University students to aid in calculating their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).


By entering individual course grades and their corresponding credit hours, the calculator processes the data based on SRM's grading system. It then provides the CGPA, offering students a clear and precise assessment of their overall academic performance.

1. What grading system does the SRM CGPA Calculator use?

The SRM CGPA Calculator utilizes the official grading scale of SRM University, which awards grade points ranging from 10 for an 'O' grade, indicating outstanding performance, down to 0 for an 'F' grade, denoting failure in a course. This scale is critical in calculating an accurate CGPA that reflects a student's academic efforts.

2. Can you explain how to calculate individual course GPAs with the SRM CGPA Calculator?

To compute the GPA for an individual course, the SRM CGPA Calculator multiplies the grade point for the specific letter grade earned in a course by the number of credit hours the course carries. For instance, achieving an 'A' grade, which corresponds to 8 grade points, in a 4-credit course would result in a GPA of 32 for that course (8 x 4).


3. How do I use the SRM CGPA Calculator to get my cumulative GPA?

Calculating your cumulative GPA with the SRM CGPA Calculator involves a few simple steps: Enter each course's grade and corresponding credits into the calculator. It will multiply these to obtain the total grade points for each course, sum these values, and divide the total by the sum of the credits to provide your CGPA.

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4. What is the conversion of SRM CGPA to percentage according to the SRM CGPA Calculator?

The SRM CGPA Calculator typically follows the conversion standards set by SRM University. If the conversion is similar to VIT's, where the CGPA is multiplied by 10 to get the percentage, then a CGPA of 8.5 would translate to 85%. However, it's essential to confirm the official conversion formula with SRM University.

5. How does the SRM CGPA Calculator ensure accuracy and transparency?


Our SRM CGPA Calculator is developed with precision, incorporating SRM University's exact grading system and calculation metrics. By automating the CGPA calculation process, it minimizes human error and provides students with a dependable and transparent tool for tracking their academic progress.

6. Is the SRM CGPA Calculator beneficial for all SRM students?

Yes, the SRM CGPA Calculator is a valuable asset for any SRM student, irrespective of their field of study. It facilitates quick and precise CGPA computations, which are crucial for academic planning and goal setting and is particularly useful for those aiming to enhance their CGPA or for graduating students who need to understand their academic standing for further studies or career opportunities.

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7. Where can I find my official SRM CGPA?

While the SRM CGPA Calculator offers an immediate approximation of your CGPA, your official CGPA is available through SRM University's official student portal. Your academic records, including the official CGPA, GPA, and detailed marks, are maintained in the university's secure database and can be accessed through your student login.

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