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Pool Volume Calculator - Calculate Pool Volume In Gallons, Litres

Effortlessly Determine Your Pool's Volume In Gallons, Litres & Cubic Units

Discover the easiest way to calculate your swimming pool's volume with our Pool Gallon Calculator. Whether you're planning chemical treatments, scheduling maintenance, or simply curious, our calculator provides a swift and accurate estimation of your pool's volume in both gallons and litres. 


How Does It Work?

Our Pool Volume Calculator uses the dimensions of your pool to calculate its volume. Simply select your pool's shape (rectangular or circular), enter the required dimensions (length, width, and depth for rectangular pools, or diameter and depth for circular pools), and hit "Calculate Volume". The tool then computes the volume based on the input values and displays the results in both gallons and litres for your convenience.


How Should It Be Used?

To get the most accurate results from the Pool Volume Calculator, measure the dimensions of your pool as precisely as possible. If your pool has a non-standard shape, try to approximate it to either a rectangular or circular shape. Enter these measurements into the calculator and review the volume estimations to guide your pool maintenance tasks, such as adjusting water chemicals or planning water replacement.

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