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VIT CGPA Calculator – Your Swift Academic Performance Tracker

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Simplify Your VIT CGPA Calculations – Instant, Accurate, and VIT-Specific

The VIT CGPA Calculator we've developed is an intuitive tool designed to assist VIT students in determining their cumulative academic performance across all semesters.


To use the calculator, students simply input their grades and the associated credit hours for each course. The calculator employs the official VIT grading scale to convert these inputs into a CGPA using the prescribed formula: CGPA = Total Grade Points Obtained / Total Credits. The tool does all the calculations instantly and provides the student with their CGPA, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in manual computation.

1. What grading system does the VIT CGPA Calculator use?

Our VIT CGPA Calculator adheres to the grading system provided by the Vellore Institute of Technology. The grades range from 'S' for the highest performance, corresponding to 10 points, down to 'F' for inadequate performance, equating to 0 points. These grades are standard at VIT and are used to reflect a student's performance in their courses.

2. Can you explain how to calculate individual course GPAs with the VIT CGPA Calculator?

To calculate the GPA for an individual course using the VIT CGPA Calculator, you need to enter the grade you received in that course and the course's credit hours. The calculator multiplies the grade point value by the credit hours to give the grade points for that course. For example, if you receive a 'B' grade worth 8 points in a 3-credit course, the course GPA would be 24 grade points (8 points x 3 credits).


3. How do I use the VIT CGPA Calculator to get my cumulative GPA?

To obtain your cumulative GPA with the VIT CGPA Calculator, follow these steps for each course you've completed: Enter the grade and the credit hours. The calculator multiplies these to get the grade points for each course, adds them up, and then divides the total grade points by the total number of credit hours you've taken. This results in your CGPA, giving you a comprehensive view of your academic standing. 

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4. What is the conversion of VIT CGPA to percentage according to the VIT CGPA Calculator?

The conversion of VIT CGPA to percentage in the calculator we've built follows the VIT standard conversion formula: Percentage = CGPA x 10. Therefore, if your CGPA is 8.5, your equivalent percentage would be 85%.

5. How does the VIT CGPA Calculator ensure accuracy and transparency?


The VIT CGPA Calculator is programmed with the precise grading scale and calculation formula used by VIT, ensuring that it mirrors the official method for computing CGPA. It offers transparency by showing the step-by-step calculation process and allows for easy verification. The accuracy is maintained by rigorous testing and validation against known CGPA outcomes.

6. Is the VIT CGPA Calculator beneficial for all VIT students?

Yes, the VIT CGPA Calculator is a beneficial resource for all VIT students, regardless of their year or program of study. It provides quick, reliable CGPA calculations which are essential for assessing academic performance, planning future courses, and setting realistic grade goals. It's particularly useful for students who are aiming to improve their CGPA and for final-year students who need to know their standing for postgraduate applications or job placements.

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7. Where can I find my official VIT CGPA?

Although our VIT CGPA Calculator provides an immediate and accurate estimate of your CGPA, for an official record, VIT students should refer to the VTOP Portal. Your official CGPA is posted there and is calculated based on the grades officially recorded by the university. The VTOP portal serves as the definitive source for your academic records, including your CGPA, GPA, and other pertinent academic information.

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